The Chester Dragon Boat Festival

Sunday 7th June 2020

Sunday 7th June 2020 has now been set for the 16th annual Chester Charity Dragon Boat Festival. Held on the River Dee at Sandy Lane (CH3 5UL) over £250,000 has already been raised for more than 100 local, regional and national charities since the event started.

For those new to dragon boating it is a sport used for charity fund raising events. Each team is encouraged to raise a minimum £1,500 for their team's nominated charity (£75 per person based on a team of 20). Dragon boating is also ideal as a corporate team building activity as dragon boat racing is quick to pick up, progressive in nature and ideal for both experienced crews and novices alike.

Racing is over a course of 200 meters and each team had a minimum three timed races where their single fastest time only counted for Grand Final qualification. Before each team's first race, teams were given a safety briefing and also instruction on the technique used. One person paddling a canoe - simple. Up to sixteen people paddling a dragon boat together ... not so simple.

Team work is vital if a fast time is going to be achieved and for this reason, the instructors also gave 'on the water' training to help with technique. Over the distance raced, fitness was not a key factor - technique however is. It's a team sprint where team work and timing is everything. What teams were aiming to achieve was the opportunity to compete in the last race of the day ... the Grand Final. This is a race where the teams with the single fastest times over the three qualifying heats got to race one last time where first across would be declared: Dragon Boat Champions of Chester 2020.

The event finished with our award ceremony where team trophies were awarded to the Captain's of the top three teams and Winner's Medals to each member of the winning team.


Thrilling Final!

The closest race of the day was the Grand Final, where new commers to the Chester Dragon Boat Festival Hair Force 1 just squeezed the more experienced J Mills Jet's teams into second place by the closest of margins, 2/100's of a second! The top picture shows the larger picture as they crossed the line, whilst the close up to the right is a blown up view of the same picture.

Hair Force 1: 1.20.31

J Mills Jet's: 1.20.33

Bumble Bee 1.22.65


The Captain of the Winning Team: Hair Force 1


J Millls Jets - 2nd placed Winners


Bumble Bee - 3rd placed Winners

Festival Sponsors:

The organisers of the festival would like to thank the following company's for their help in supporting the 2019 festival:

 Teams in the 2019 Chester Dragon Boat Festival